James Alexander

This is James… We like him! This is all xx


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The only drink i’ll ever love…

Now, friends of mine will know a few things about me which are certain… 1) I’m loyal, 2) i’m a freaking amazing cook and 3) that i’m obsessed with Starbucks. Yes yes, it’s true. I think it’s an image thing. I feel empowered walking down the street, some foot stomping music on my iPod and my skinny, wet, latte (sometimes with an extra shot) in hand! I think it comes from watching too much Sex & The City lol but anyway, one way to make me happy… is to buy me lots of Starbucks!

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So, i’ve started a blog! Stay tuned!

To be honest, for a long time i have thought about starting a blog. I manage the work one and think that i have a lot more things of which i can be opinionated!! ha! so here it is! stay tuned!


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